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Peace Of Mind Is Just A Call Away. With Colorado's Top Asset Recovery Firm. 


When you choose Lifetime Financial to recover assets that have been lost, we handle the entire process and manage all the details. After receiving your authorization, we collect all the necessary information and documentation to contact, fill out the required forms and present the claim to the appropriate custodian(s).

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What We Do


Our proprietary and initial step is to identify and locate the asset that has been lost or forgotten. This requires research and investigation to determine the current status of the asset and its location.

Identify The Asset


Once the asset has been identified and located, our next step is to schedule a Notary public from our nationwide network to notarize and collect all necessary documentation, such as proof of ownership or entitlement to the asset, and any relevant legal documents; All at no expense to our client.

Notary & Docs


After gathering all required documentation, we prepare and submit our notarized claim package to the entity with the appropriate custodian or institution responsible for holding and distributing the asset. ​

We file a claim


At this point in the process, it is imperative to leverage our network of attorneys to fight for our claim to be assessed and processed as quickly as possible. The entities that hold these funds oftentimes lack the incentive to distribute accounts to their rightful owners, which makes it key for our attorneys to be assertive and enforce our claim in order to reach a resolution.

Leverage Our Network Of Attorneys


When the claim is approved, the entirety of the asset will be returned to the rightful owner or beneficiary. 

Receive the funds

Lifetime financial


Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to multiple areas, with our proprietary database, 


Individuals & Estate Heirs 

Our research team is compiled of experienced professionals such as: Private Investigators, Skip Tracers and other trained professionals related to the field of discovering and recovering unclaimed or lost assets. 

Lifetime financial


Corporations & Businesses

At Lifetime Financial, we've made significant investments in developing our proprietary technology to help us locate and recover unclaimed or lost assets belonging to companies of all sizes and types. For years, we've been focused on helping businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to small enterprises, across America to reclaim their missing assets.

Lifetime financial


Government & Non Profits

Governmental Agencies and Nonprofits can be the owner, debtor, willed heir or successor of unclaimed or lost assets for several reasons. Governmental Agencies and Nonprofits are no different than any other client we have.

Lifetime financial


2590 Welton Street Ste. 200,

Denver, CO, 80205

Our Amazing Team.

Lifetime Financial was established by business partners, Sam Mouloudi and Benjamin Chiudina, with the aim of transforming lives by helping Americans recover unclaimed cash and benefits, amounting to a staggering $71 billion held by states, federal agencies, and other organizations. The discovery of this unclaimed money presented a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Our goal is to assist as many individuals as possible by recovering lost or forgotten assets, and we are committed to this pursuit every day.

Senior Partner

Benjamin Chiudina

Benjamin Chiudina is the Co-Founder and partner in Lifetime Financial. Benjamin founded E.A.R. in the last 2 years and partnered with Sam Mouloudi in Lifetime Financial soon after, bringing years of expertise in the field.

President & Co-Founder

Sam Mouloudi

Sam Mouloudi is the Co-founder and president of Lifetime Financial.

Sam has a strong foundation in financial planning, solar, and marketing. Sam's most recent corporate venture, was working at angi as a corporate account specialist which provided him with the opportunity to refine his skills.

Executive Assistant & Process Manager

Nataly Favela

Nataly favela worked with us since day one she's the backbone of the work we do from coordinating with state auditors to leveraging attorneys from our network she works hard to recover our clients funds from the state and help answer any questions our clients may have through out the process. 

Asset Recovery Specialist

Timothy Mouloudi

Timothy Mouloudi is a past experienced professional in insurance, focusing on claims and home assessments. With a strong track record, he excels in efficiently processing claims while ensuring compliance and client satisfaction.

Acquisitions Manager

Rosemary Cociani

Rosemary Cociani, earned a vast experience in management as a Program manager at a prestigious Mental health clinic for children she then proceeded to learn in relation to her position in Human Resources which she exceeded expectations in through her whole experience there. she then gained a position as a business consultant which helped her gain a thorough knowledge of the position 

File Resolutions Manager

Gladys Michelle

Gladys Michelle collaborates closely with state auditors and utilizes the expertise of attorneys within our network to diligently recover our clients' funds from the state. She is dedicated to guiding our clients through the process, addressing any queries they may have along the way.

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